About Us

Quick Background

Quasistellar Game Development is an independent game development studio founded by Dewald Bodenstein in 2006.

We aim to create games that are not mindlessly meant to make money. We have a very specific mission and mean to make a difference with the games that we create.

Our cause

We are self funded and need your help. Help us out by supporting our cause!

Our Vision

To create fun, edifying, uplifting and morally sound video games with a family friendly or Biblical focus.

Our Mission

To create fun adventurous games that are family friendly and appropriately targeted at different age groups.

To develop games that include puzzles to help with hand-eye co-ordination, memorization and mathematical challenges.

To experience and portray real life situations involving moral choices while presenting relative Biblical truths and God's promises to uplift and edify the player.

To portray Biblical events as interactive video games and use them to accomplish the above.